There are two separate albums below: the “Irene and Me” album and the “Author” album farther down the page. Placing your mouse on a photo will display that picture’s title. You can also click on any photo and it will enlarge giving you the opportunity to read extended descriptions of that picture. In the “Irene and Me” album, the photos are arranged more or less chronologically, carrying you through Irene’s childhood to her passing, and even further, to specific events following her death, e.g., The Relay for Life event we had in April, 2013. The “Author Album” focuses more on me and my extended family. It is also chronologically arranged. 

You can also show the entire sequence in each album as a slide show (click just beneath the album’s title). I’ll be adding more photos as time goes by. Please check in now and then and, please enjoy also. –Tom Cooney Jr.


The “Irene, and Me” Album 


The “Author” Album


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  1. I will be adding many more photos in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Click on them and they will enlarge and you’ll be able to read the descriptions of each photo. Thanks, Tom Cooney Jr.